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About the Programme

In the era of digital revolution, technology has opened new opportunities for marketing. In the time of individualization, digitalization, networking along with the emergence of enlightened consumer has posing new challenges as well as opportunities for marketing.

What we market may not have changed but how we market definitely has changed. The evolving discipline of digital marketing offers opportunities for innovation, profitability, affordability, measurability and targeting. Digital marketing has not only opened opportunities for organization, but also enormous opportunities have boomed for digital marketers, web designer, web analyst and web developer


As we know, increasingly companies are tweaking their marketing away from traditional methods and towards Digital. Many are hiring Digital Marketers (unless they're stuck in the 1980's.) It is proving an amazing career choice for out-going, busy people. Here we look at all the aspects of why it's such an amazing career; always changing, always busy, always interesting and with great long-term prospects.

  • Benefits of Having a Digital Marketing Career
  • Gain expertise in operating business online.
  • High career growth with advanced skills.
  • Increase sales online & achieve your targets.
  • Help your company grow with your IM skills.
  • Work as a part time freelancer & make money online.
  • Furnish your qualification with edge on others.
  • Find more customers online for your product / service.
  • Gain expertise in operating your business online.
  • Take your business to another level by reaching a large audience.
  • Increase your revenue by marketing on internet.
  • Create your brand awareness using social media.
  • Reduce your advertising cost by 60%.
  • Generate business leads through inbound marketing.
  • Improve your CV & Apply for more right job interviews.
  • Learn what others will learn later.
  • High career growth with advanced skills.
  • Work part time as a freelancer along with your studies
  • Have increased self esteem and respect from fellows.
  • Give companies extra reasons to hire you.
  • Earn commissions as an affiliate marketer.





  • Entire duration of the course is structured as an intensive capstone project where students work with firms, execute digital
  • marketing campaigns and explore how digital marketing fits within the firm's overall marketing strategy
  • About 50% of training time is dedicated to hands-on exercises build and practice the fundamentals
  • We are providing job immediately after completion of course. Live Projects & Report Preparation
  • Interview Preparation & Placement Assistance. 360 Degree Learning
  • An opportunity to work on real campaigns, tools and marketing softwares.
  • Network with industry professionals and work on Live Projects.
  • Get Ready Job with our technical and soft skills Training.
  • With Digital marketing Training we are providing three other courses also which you will not get anywhere in this industry.

USP of "PAVITRA" Digital Marketing Program

Others Pavitra Pavitra Advantage
Practical or Online Training On job Training No hassels of travelling. (Boarding available)
High fees Free save over Rs. 20000
No Midcourse Intership Internship provided Practical hand on experience to get you ready for the job
No study material Provided Online study material provided World class study Material
No exclusive content Blogging and Content Marketing Exclusive Module
Single Certification Dual Certifiation Get certification by authorized Body


About Us

Although Paramedical course is highly specialized, it remains fundamentally a caring profession. The single important mission of a good and reputed institution is to equip young men and women with knowledge, skill and personal attributes conducive with needs of the society. Pavitra Institute of Health Sciences is no less. Keeping this in view the Pavitra Institute of Health Sciences continuously strives to maintain qualitative environment with a world of knowledge.

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